Blockchain Technology:

 The New South Project:

PMG Project:

Kreative Kapintas Project (Operations & Process Improvement)

Africa National Chamber of Commerce Project

Arcon MFG Project (Data Migration & Archiving)

Blockchain for Central Bank & Regulators

Renewable Energy Project:

Identify key project team members and define roles, responsibilities & communication planning to create project organization structure. Proactive management of globally dispersed team. Goal and expectations alignment to ensure a common understanding between stakeholders and team members. Obtain project resources in accordance with a procurement plan. Monitor the status of all identified risks, identify any new risks, take corrective actions and update the risks response plan.

Data Management Project:

Define the scope of the project based on organization need to ensure stakeholder expectations. Analyze & score/rank project requirements, constraints and assumptions in order to properly define project deliverables. Obtain project resources in accordance with a procurement plan. Monitor & control of project to adhere to plan and ensure project deliverables conform to quality standards established in the project quality plan.

Telecom Project:

Identification of high level risks, assumptions and constraints using historical data and expert judgment. Obtain project plan approval from the customer and conduct a kick off meeting with all key stakeholders. Ensure a common understanding and set expectations through communication to align the stakeholders and team members. Monitor the status of all identified risks, identify any new risks, take corrective actions and update the risks response plan. Release all project resources in accordance to project plan, and provide performance feedback.

Kreative Kapintas Project

Kreative Kapintas is an embodiment of competence, quality and comfort. This is made possible by the coming together of persons who have been in the industry as financiers, consultants and builders. Therefore they know where it pleases and pinches when it comes to fittings fixtures and furniture. A compromise position had to be found where clients will be surprised and satisfied with a wide range of designs to select from without forfeiting the quality, comfort and cost. Our products are made by the use of the most advanced technology available in the industry that gives an accident free smooth edge and surface. The designs are all about simplicity and flexibility. For lovers of colors, we have a variety of colors to choose from, this enables the customization of residential, hotel and office environment to suit the most extravagant of moods. This also affords our clients have customized bespoke kitchen, bedroom, sitting room, office, hotel, laboratory and door furniture.